Enzymes are vital to your cat’s health. Without them your cat would not be able to survive. Enzymes are required to break down food into components that can be used for energy. They are also needed to enhance absorption of essential nutrients. Enzymes are normally present in raw foods, but can be destroyed by heat and processing.

Enzymes do not survive the high heats required to process commercial pet foods.

A diet of commercial pet foods puts excess strain on a cat’s digestive system. Temperatures as low as 118 degrees F will deactivate most enzymes, requiring the cat’s body to produce the extra enzymes it needs for digestion.

Adding enzymes to your cat’s diet helps it process the food faster, thus decreasing the strain on its body.

Think about how cats eat in the wild. When a cat kills a mouse, it eats the whole mouse. The intestines, stomach, pancreas of the mouse are rich in digestive enzymes. The cat gets the benefit of these external enzymes in helping to digest the meal it has just consumed. This produces far less strain on the cat’s digestive system. Studies have shown that animals in the wild are healthier than their domesticated counterparts. Much of this is attributed to eating a raw food source.

Enzymes have another important function: They increase the transit time of food through the gastrointestinal tract, moving food through the intestines faster. Why is this an advantage?

When food is slowed in the intestines, it putrefies, releasing toxins into the body. Slowed transit time also caused the food to ferment, creating gaseous by-products that cause unpleasant and unhealthful flatulence (gas).

Enzymes increase the nutrient availability of foods and also decrease the toxic byproducts that result from impaired digestion.

Benefits of Enzyme Supplementation:

•  Increases the bioavailabilty of nutrients by helping to convert food into fuel the body can use
   for energy

•  Increases transit time of food through the gastrointestinal tract, thus decreasing toxic byproducts

•  Helps decrease the odor of feces

•  Helps cats that tend to vomit after eating

•  Improves skin and hair coat

•  Assists in recovery from surgery, illness or injury

•  Many veterinarians have found enzyme supplementation to be beneficial in immune and digestive
   disorders, cancer prevention, joint disorders, poor skin and hair coat, excessive shedding, allergies
   and lethargy (low energy levels)

Daily supplementation with Healthy Feline Vitamins provides excellent enzyme supplementation to help your cat thrive.