Probiotics are "good bacteria" that take up residence inside your pet, fending off harmful bacteria and aiding digestion. Note that many antibiotics also kill off beneficial bacteria.

Diet is one of the cornerstones of robust health. Nutrients from food bolster your pet’s natural defenses against germs, environmental pollutants, and stress. Deficiencies in the diet often bring on health problems or prolong illness. Consider dietary supplements as a means of adding back vital ingredients such as enzymes and helpful bacteria that are lost in highly-processed diets.


Probiotics are live cultures that benefit intestinal microflora and promote your pet’s good health in a variety of ways.
Probiotics reinforce the intestinal barrier, which helps prevent the attachment of pathogens (disease causing agents) and the entry of allergens (substances that cause allergies) into the system. These friendly bacteria aid in the digestion of proteins and are needed to produce many B vitamins and to detoxify many pathogenic organisms.

They also have anti-fungal properties, enhance nutrient absorption and help lower cholesterol. Probiotics have proven very useful in many food allergies, and current research also indicates that they may have some immune stimulating and anti-cancer properties.

In times of stress, illness, poor diet or administration of antibiotics, the good bacteria in the intestinal tract can become overwhelmed by bad bacteria, leading to digestive problems, flatulence and foul odors. Disease and aging are additional factors that have an adverse impact on the intestinal microflora. Probiotics helps normalize your pet’s digestive tract with an infusion of beneficial bacteria.